Good Pet Choices for Families With Energetic Children

Good Pet Choices for Families With Energetic Children

Your children have been asking for a pet for months, but you are unsure of what type you should get. After all, your little ones are highly energetic, so looking at a goldfish in a tank simply will not satisfy their need for an animal companion. You need a pet that your children can run around or interact with to burn off some of their energy. Look into these pets that are ideal for families with energetic children.

French Bulldog

French bulldog puppies are vivacious animals and even keep a good level of activeness into adulthood. Your children could run around with French bulldogs for sale Orlando FL, in your backyard and at a dog park to wind down. Since these animals are a small breed and do not bark a lot, they can adjust to both house and apartment living.

Guinea Pig

For a cute critter who enjoys interaction, a guinea pig could fit the bill for your family pet. Guinea pigs are low maintenance, enjoy being held for small bouts of time and relish in interaction. Since guinea pigs love running around, they can provide entertainment and companionship to your children. Since there are various breeds of guinea pigs, take your time to pick the right guinea pig for your family.


Another option for a high-energy pet is a gerbil. Gerbils are intelligent, inquisitive and love interacting with people. They also do not mind being held and are active throughout the day. Give a gerbil a running wheel or climbing toys to exercise, and it will keep your children engaged.

If you are thinking of getting a pet for your family, you will need to get one that matches the personality of those in your household. If you have lively children, good choices for pets include French bulldogs, guinea pigs and gerbils.

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