Dog cone collar

We all experienced this: the collar is a very little fashion accessory that we would all be happy to do. The proof that I too have spent many times here:

Lupine had to wear the collar a couple of times: operated 4 times corneal ulcers (each time 5 weeks of strict collar), regularly small wounds and various sterilized.

In short, it breaks, I know to have repeatedly suffered on my own dog (self flogging, its serious Doctor?), But it is the only and only effective accessory against lechages and scratches of all kinds!

The dog cone collar (or shackle) is a plastic cone that is placed around the neck of a dog or cat to avoid:

– That he licks a wound on the body. In this case, the collar must be large and the radius of the collar must extend beyond the tip of the dog’s nose. Otherwise, if his nose protrudes, it is useless!

– Either he does not scratch a wound on his head, or he scratches his ears … In this case the collar can be a little shorter. However, it must be long enough to protect the desired area from pruritus scratching.

The collar is threaded over the dog’s nose, sliding it around the neck, and fixing it with a sufficiently tight link (but not too much, you have to slide two fingers between the dog’s neck and the link).

It exists in transparent plastic, colored (more fun but good …) or opaque, in fabric, or in the form of necklace-moon (a kind of big inflatable pudding that is placed around the neck of the dog to avoid that it can licking his back train), but personally, I find this last formula not very effective and finally no less embarrassing for the dog.

The basic dog cone collar made of transparent plastic, with loops for attaching a tie or a necklace end is in my opinion the most effective. And it is (unfortunately) the only thing that really works!

We say what we want but the bandages glued, it does not work. Already for the bandage remains in place it must firmly fix it, i.e. paste on a large surface of skin … and hair! Think about the little unpleasant hair removal to remove the bandage! And then a wound must often stay in the open to heal properly. Then, stuck or not, if your dog or cat has decided to remove his bandage, trust me it will happen!

Put on a T-shirt, why not, but I absolutely do not trust my dog: once I have my back turned: T-shirt or not T-shirt, its guaranteed licking!

So, courage! Do not give in!

It is true that initially, the dog or the cat can seem completely baffled, bumping, walking backwards … But they adapt quickly (in less than 24 hours). They can eat, drink, and sleep with no (too much) problem. If it’s really difficult for your companion to eat with the collar: you can take it away for 5 minutes just to eat and re-wire it as soon as it’s finished!

And do you really say that it is either 10 days of collar until healing of the wound and the removal of the threads, a month of galley, licking, control visits to your vet, withdrawing son too early by your companion, re-surgery, wound infection, scars not pretty … all that to finally lead to … 10 days of collar anyway!


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Dog cone collar

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