Dog’s grain allergies- not all dog food are suitable

Has your dog showing hair loss with flaky and dry skin or chronic ear infections? Well, these can be the symptoms of grain allergies!

Symptoms of the allergies

Yes, the grained dog food that you have been giving him for long times was not suitable for him. The above symptoms can be accompanied with some more. Here are some more of the dog allergies symptoms:

  • Itchy skin
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Obsessive licking
  • Chewing of feet
  • Red inflamed paws
  • Gastrointestinal upset.

If you have been noticing all these or some of these, immediately take him to the Vetenary and consult about the food.

Know what is dog allergy?

Now what is this grain allergy?

This is a type of allergy which occurs in dogs due to the grains present in the dog food. Normal dog food has lots of grains which some of the dogs cannot digest and cause bloating. The allergies can develop immediately or after few days or few months. Basic symptoms can be itchy skins, red infectious eyes, discoloration.

Causes of the allergies

The main cause of these allergies is the immunity of the dog’s body. It is the way of protecting the body from any unwanted substance inside the body. The nutritional requirement of the dog needs the grains due to many things- healthy skin coat, or glossy hairs. But some of the dog’s body cannot absorb such grains ingredients and detect it as unwanted substance in the body. Hence it shows such symptoms in the body.

Hence we say, the diet of every breed of dog is totally different. Even the quality dog food should be different based on the requirement and suitability.

Diagnosis of the allergies

Now let’s give you some tips on relieving the problems of the allergies of your dog. Here are the diagnosis of the grain allergies in dogs:

  • Immediately take to the veterian
  • External and internal physical tests are undergone
  • Even blood tests can be undergone
  • Doctors suggest dietary alternation immediately.
  • Note that the dog is given a novel diet which is totally free from any grains
  • Medication is given to give instant relief
  • Strict control of the diet is the only way to treat the grains allergies.


To keep the pet dog healthy, it is very important to take note of all these things. They cannot speak out and tell you about their pain. So have a intense look about any abnormality when starting a new brand of dog food.

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Dog’s grain allergies- not all dog food are suitable

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