German shepherd Behavior- Behavior features of a Germanshepherd


The German shepherd husky mix is the most popular breed among the top popular dog breeds. These dogs are protective, active and courageous as well they live for work. With various characteristics, one should know each and every detail of German shepherd behavior, in this article we have compiled up all behavior factors along with behavior problems of a German shepherd. Also, you can explore behaviour training instructions for German shepherd, in this write up.

German shepherd – Temperaments

This breed is one the most honest dog’s breed and because of their courage, they are trained to be a part of the police force as guard dogs.They are very friendly and protective by nature. They are extremely vigilant that put their owner in trouble sometimes. They are not hostile in nature but early and continue socialization can develop a stable and confident temperament. The most common temperaments of German shepherd are

  • Obedient& Loyal

They enjoy taking tasks and different activities from their family members. They enjoy playing and protecting children of their owner.

  • Alert

They are extremely visionary and alert tothe mind. They can smell and hear if any unknown and unusual thing is happening in surroundings.

  • Confident

They are confident with their senses if they find any stranger crossing their ways so they bark confidently and stop the stranger from doing any mistake.

  • Courageous

They are protective and courageous by nature. The German shepherd is famous dog’s breed to work with arm forces as guard dogs, searching for drugs.

  • Intelligent

They are intelligent and willing to learn different activities from their owner.

  • Curious

They always willing to know what is happening in surroundings.

Behavioral Issues

As they are known as wild dogs, some of the major behavioral problems are also there. They sometimes become aggressive with strange dogs of same-sex. they are good with other family pets if they got initial training. If they are not treated properly, they can be very dangerous and it can cause behavioral issues like jumping, excessive barking, digging the ground,mouthing, dominating. They act differently with strangers but once they become friend with you, they are fanatical for the long term.

German Shepherd – Biting issues

Every single new puppy of any breedshould be trained to stop this biting habit.The trainershould train a puppy to bite with low pressure that could not be harmful to human skin. If they are not trained initially they will bite with more force once they are young.

Behavioral Training

To control their behavioral issues, training is most important and the only way to make them learn good manners.They need more mental exercises because they are very intelligent so like otherbreeds, they like to work with their owners. They are obedient and enjoy doing exercises given by their owners. They also enjoy playing games with balls, sticks. They could be trained for any activity and they like to please people around them. They should be trained and socialize in young age.

The owner should be kind, firm and consistent handler who can treat them in the right way over the time. As they are protective by nature so they usually become protective of its family if any stranger or friend come across their ways. This protection may be appropriate or inappropriate depending on the situation. So it is necessary to train german shepherd whom should welcome and whom should not. They usually bark at people or animal who are crossing boundaries of their owner’s house which shows their loyaltyand protective nature.

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German shepherd Behavior- Behavior features of a Germanshepherd

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