Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of Your Child

So, you have a dog and you are also about to see the arrival of your new baby. Now you want your dog to be trained for the arrival of your child. You don’t want any harm to the new baby and also you don’t want to make your lovely dog feel bad for anything. That is why you are here to learn to prepare your dog for the arrival of your child. If you don’t want to put your dog into a boundary. So, here we are to tell you what to do to train and prepare your dog for the arrival of your child. First, of we recommend people to start preparing your dog as soon as possible. So, Let’s Start….

Get Your Dog into a Learning Class

First of all, understand that you cannot train your dog for the arrival of your child yourself. That is why we recommend all of you to get your dog into a learning class. Where he will learn about the things such as greeting someone at door, behaving with kids etc. Rather than forcing him to into a dog fence, you can send him to a class or you can get a trainer at your home.

Try a Toy Baby First, To See His Reaction

Yes, you can try a toy baby first. It will show the reaction of your dog. It will make that clear to you that how your dog reacts to children. You can get a toy baby in the market. If you find one then take that one to your home for your dog and let him play with the toy. Try to teach him how to react with babies.

Smell Is Very Important For the Dogs

Smell is the thing which helps dogs recognizes people out there. The smell works so much for the dogs. That is why we recommend giving a smell of your baby to the dog before letting your baby in front of the dog directly. When the newborn baby and the mother is in hospital, send some clothes of the baby at home for the dog to smell them.

 Let the Dog Play with Real Kids

Now your dog needs to play with real kids. It will give a real experience to the dog about how to play with the kids and also you will find that how he reacts while playing with kids. Let your dog out in a park where the kids are playing and let the kids and dog play together. Don’t just keep him inside a dog fence only.

Make Some Safe Zones At Home

You have to make some changes to your home before the arrival of the child. You should make some safe zone areas in the home. These safe zones are for both, the kid and the dog. You have to make some special locked room for the child and also you have to get some special cage for the dog. So that both cannot reach each other while you are out.

Always Keep an Eye on Both of Them

You have to always keep eye on both of them. Yes, not only dog but the kid should also be kept under your supervision. You should keep an eye on both. You should keep the track of both. You should know that what they do in front of each other.

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Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of Your Child

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