Why Standard Poodles Make Great Pets

Why Standard Poodles Make Great Pets

If you are considering getting a family dog, consider a standard poodle. Poodles make great pets for a number of reasons. Ignore the prissy-dog perception. Poodles are smart, athletic, protective and easy to groom.


When it comes to smart dog breeds, poodles often rank #2 on the list right behind border collies and ahead of German shepherds. To ensure that your dog’s poodle-brain isn’t watered down by any breed less brainy (an Afghan hound, for example) look for a pup from a reputable dog breeder Elverta CA or a rescue group in your area. Plan on providing your poodle with plenty of training because these dogs love to think. They will play catch, follow the leader and even hide and seek with you (and make no mistake, they will always find you).


Poodles are very athletic and are not the slightest bit worried about chipping a prettily painted toenail. They love to run and jump with you, so having a space that accommodates some high-energy activity is key. It’s fun to create your own doggie obstacle course or to try out a variety of dog parks for some pack play.


Poodles are protective without being aggressive. Poodles were bred in Germany to be hunting dogs and many are still used in that capacity; however, most are now just family dogs. They love their humans and will definitely issue sharp warning barks if their instincts tell them all is not right.


There is no reason to groom your poodle like a prissy pup (unless that’s your fancy). Poodles are very low-shedding dogs and their curly coat doesn’t get stinky like other dog breeds (eyes are on you Mr. Beagle). They do need to get clipped regularly and look very handsome with a short (not shaved) cut.

Poodles come in all sizes, but the standard poodle is a stand-out dog for an active family. If you’re looking for a pet who is up for anything from frolicking to cuddles, turn your eye to the poodle.