4 Types of Equipment You Need for Your Horse

4 Types of Equipment You Need for Your Horse

Whether you intend to become a competitive rider or just canter around your yard, owning a horse comes with some equipment requirements. Here are four types of equipment you may need to purchase for your horse.

1. Feeding Equipment

If you plan to enter your horse in competitions, you may need to eventually acquire more specialized equipment, such as used horse jumps, but to start, it is best to stick to the basics. You are going to have to feed your horse, so you need to make sure you have the proper feeding equipment. Items you may need include a feed pan, a feed container with a lid, water trough or bucket, and a water heater if you live in a cold area. 

2. Barn and Pasture Maintenance Tools

If you will be boarding your horse with someone else and you are not responsible for cleaning up after him, then you may not need these tools, but if your horse will be living with you, then you definitely will. You will need a pitchfork, stable broom, wheelbarrow, and manure fork for mucking your horse’s stall. You will also need a safe, dry place to store your supplies and a fire extinguisher for safety.

3. Grooming Supplies

Even if you are not planning on raising a show pony, you will still need to keep your horse groomed. You will need a curry comb, body brush, mane comb, cloths, fly repellent, hoof pick and possibly a sweat sheet. 

4. Handling Equipment

Horses are large animals that require the right training and equipment to properly handle. You will need a halter and leader ropes for handling your horse when you are not riding.

Horses make wonderful companions and riding them can be great recreation or sport. However, to properly care for your horse, you need to make sure you have the right equipment.