Recall that the foods we consume daily may present risks for cats because of the fact that cats do not have the same metabolism as us.

They can lead to serious illness and even death.

The best is of course to feed your cat with quality croquettes thought and perfectly meeting his dietary needs and containing the necessary amounts of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.

It should also be careful not to leave behind some best cat products or plants that although not food for humans are attractive to cats such as among others for example antifreeze.

Below is a list of 13 products that are not available to cats.

This list is, of course, non-limiting

1 / unlike the popular image of happy cat lapping a cup of milk, you should know that milk is not good for cats and that some cats can be very allergic to it. In fact, the kitten once weaned no longer produces enough lactase. Lactase that would allow him to digest the lactose contained in the milk.

2 / Even if cats love tuna, do not offer them. Tuna indeed contains a lot of polyunsaturated fat that cats metabolize poorly; moreover, tuna does not contain taurine. Too much tuna over time leads to a vitamin E deficiency that can cause steatosis, a very painful disease. In addition, you should know that the cat who ate tuna can very quickly become dependent and refuse all other foods, so do not start. If your cat inadvertently became dependent on tuna because you did not know the risks that this could have on his health, gradually get rid of this bad habit by mixing less and less tuna with food made for him.

3 / the white of the eggs is to be avoided for cats, it contains in fact avidin, which destroys the biotin, vitamin B8, essential for the metabolism of proteins and fats.

4 / the chocolate contain the obromine which is both a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic. Extremely toxic to the cat, 50 grams can kill it. Symptoms often only appear after a few hours and death occurs within 24 hours.

5 / Obsolete or spoiled food should never be offered to a cat because it often contains toxins such as penicillin or tremorgenic my cotoxins.

6 / the raw potatoes and their peelings contain calcium oxalate, an insoluble ionic crystal which is very dangerous for their urinary system. In this respect, it should be known that 80% of kidney stones are based on calcium oxalate.

7 / Make sure that Minou does not come to share the bowl of coffee with morning milk. Indeed, in addition to the harmful effects of milk, caffeine as a stimulant could accelerate the cat’s heart rate with all the catastrophic consequences that it is easy to imagine. The value of 8 teaspoons of coffee may be enough to poison a cat.

8 / Avoid too fatty food like cheese, ham. Too much food can cause pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas that causes necrosis and can kill your cat.

9 / Onion and garlic contain sulfur derivatives that can damage red blood cells of cats.

10 / Offering your cat the remains of your lunches or dinners is a bad plan because it can unbalance his nutrition. In addition, feeding a cat while at the table encourages the cat to constantly claim, to jump on the dining room table during meals and to become a little thief as soon as the opportunity is favorable for him serve alone He will also go to the trash.

11 / Also beware of raw meat as it may contain bacteria such as salmonella and cause vomiting and diarrhea.

12 / Keep in mind that some indoor and outdoor flowers and plants are very toxic and can be deadly. See our pages entitled “The toxicity of plants for cats” and” The bouquet of lilies of Valentine’s Day was fatal for 3 cats of Sonia”

13 / Attention antifreeze which although not a food would have a particularly attractive flavor for cats. Even a very small amount of antifreeze can be deadly. 16 ml can be enough to poison a cat.

For more details and guide lines visit: https://www.bestcatproducts.co.uk/

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