3 Things You Must Do Before Buying a Horse

3 Things You Must Do Before Buying a Horse

3 Things You Must Do Before Buying a Horse

While there are no hard and fast rules about what you absolutely have to do before you get your own horse, you should consider that you are about to make a significant investment of your time and money. As such, there are some things that you really will want to undertake before you take the plunge. Doing them will help you find the right animal, secure safe and affordable boarding and prepare for unexpected situations that might arise. 

1. Take Lessons

You learn a lot more than how to sit atop a horse when you take riding lessons. You will also learn how to properly groom and care for one. You might even be lucky enough to pick up the little things to look out for that could signal bigger trouble. Find a reputable barn and trainer in your area and then take the time to talk with several current riders or boarders to maximize the experience. 

2. Build a Budget

Horses can be expensive, but they don’t have to be out of reach. Make sure you have a reasonable budget in place. Leave a little wiggle room as hay and feed prices can fluctuate seasonally. Get ahorse insurance quote, too/ It can help cover unexpected medical expenses from a sudden illness or injury. 

3. Find a Suitable Barn

Decide where and how you are going to house your new companion. At the very least, you must provide basic shelter from the rain, snow and sun. It can be as simple as a run-in shed in a pasture or as elaborate as a climate-controlled stable. It should be secure and sturdy, with no loose or sharp edges that could seriously hurt a horse. Equip your barn with the right tools for grooming and care. Brushes, cleaning supplies, hoof rasps, blankets, halters and lead ropes are the basics. 

Owning a horse can bring you years of joy and companionship. Following a few basic steps before jumping into the equestrian world helps you to be better prepared for the experience. 

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