6 Best Automatic Dog Feeders – Which one to buy?

If you are looking for an ideal way to feed your dog and make sure he has access to the correct food portions at regular intervals, automatic dog feeders are without a doubt the best option.

These devices are not intended to completely replace the care and attention of the dog, but it guarantees that our dog is receiving the necessary diet when we are away from home or simply prefer to focus more strictly feeding times.

The automatic dog feeders are elegant, moderately looking and available in a wide variety of colors and styles, with many features necessary for food and time control.

If you want to improve the feeding and care of your dog, in this article we will show you the best automatic dog feeders in the market and we will advise you which is the most suitable for you. Keep reading!

Types of automatic feeders for dogs – Which one Buy

WOPET Automatic Feeder For Dogs and Cats V36


WOPET V36 works like a pet sitter,be able to feed your pet from anywhere and at anytime. remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly.Best automatic pet feeder for dogs and cats.

The goal of Wopet is to enrich the life of your pet so they can have a happy and healthy life. Feed your pet on timed intervals or manually feed with a touch of a button on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Stay connected with your pet even when you are away; the HD Camera with audio enables you to view and talk to your pet.provide a interesting and better quality of living for your pet with Wopet!

Technical Specs
Product Size: 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inch
Camera: 120° Wide Angle Lens | HD 720P
Accepted Food: Dry food, 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter
Food Container: 6.5L
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/1A
WOpet App: Android 4.0 or above / iOS 7.5 or above
Battery Powered:Requires D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces

Mvpower is an automatic dry dog feed dispenser with a compact and pleasant design in which you can program up to 4 meals a day at the times you want your dog to eat. It also has an option in which you can record your voice for your pet to eat.

The Mvpower is ideal for when you are not at home or to keep a strict schedule in your dog’s diet. Easy handling and cleaning . It incorporates an LCD screen in which you can enter the hours and the exact amount of food you want your dog to eat.


  • Transparent automatic hopper of 5.5L, removable and easy to clean.
  • Easy programming LCD screen and low battery indicator.
  • It works with 3 batteries of 1.5v D size which will not depend on any outlet, so you can locate it anywhere in the house without needing a power outlet.
  • You can program 3 power modes.
  • It incorporates a microphone where you can record 10 seconds of voice message.
  • Dimensions: 39 x 22 x 49cm

Hommini is an automatic feeder for dogs of last generation that has a novel voice recognition system that you can record your voice so that your pet feels more comfortable for when you are not at home.

The hommini is made of ABS anti bacteria and is the only automatic dog food dispenser that has a water trough. It also has Wi-Fi where through an App for Android or iOS we can configure the meal schedule of our pet and record a voice recognition to notify him of the time of the meal.


  • Deposit of food up to 3.5Kg.
  • 250ml water drinker.
  • Automatic programmable feeding.
  • Speech recognition.
  • Remote video recording: it does not allow to record video or see how our pet is in each moment.
  • Dimensions: 28x 14x 21 cm
  • It works has batteries either through or through the socket.

HoneyGuardian is an electronic dog feeder with a modern and elegant design that allows you to set up 6 meals a day in food portions of 4 grams to 400 grams per meal, ideal for small and medium dog breeds. If you have to be away from home for a few days and you need to cover your dog’s food needs, this is one of the best options.

The HoneyGuardian is a device that is capable of consuming very little energy, lasting up to 6 months, using batteries of good quality. Thanks to this and the features it has, it is one of Amazon’s best-selling automatic dog feeders.


  • 5 Kg container capacity ideal for dry foods.
  • Compact, lightweight and modern design.
  • Voice recording and high quality speaker, which allows you to record your voice for 12 seconds to warn your dog to go to eat.
  • Consume of super low battery: You need 3 alkaline batteries 4D, which allows you to place it on any surface.
  • LCD screen with different programming options.
  • Infrared detector in the feeder that detects if it still has food inside or not.
  • Size: 20cm x 38cm

PetSinc is an automatic feeder for dogs with an elegant design, very compact and clean that allows you to control the diet of your pet thanks to its 10 program options of servings of dry food a day, divided into 4 daily rations.

The Petsinc is ideal for dogs of small or medium breed , since it allows you to cover all the nutritional needs of the dog when you are away from home. Due to its quality and the characteristics it possesses, it is one of the most valued products on the internet .


  • Illuminated LCD screen with adjustable settings for easy use.
  • Voice recording of up to 10 seconds to call your pet.
  • It runs through 3 batteries or through the outlet that comes standard.
  • 4kg storage capacity
  • Measures: 24cm x 30 x 38.

PetSafe is an automatic dog hopper with a rigid and discreet design that allows you to configure up to 12 servings of food per day from 30 grams to 950 grams, which is perfect to keep your dog properly cared for without having to worry.

The PetSafe has a food compartment of 6Kg capacity in which it allows dry and semi-hydrated food for dogs. It has a hermetic closing lid that allows to keep the food stored fresh and safe. If you are interested in buying an automatic feeder for any type of breed or size, this is the ideal one for you.


  • Easy-to-use programmable LCD screen with 5 buttons.
  • Requires 4 alkaline batteries, which is perfect to locate anywhere without the need for a plug.
  • Slow feed dispensing option, ideal for dogs that eat a lot or with obesity.
  • The food storage compartment is easily removed for cleaning.

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6 Best Automatic Dog Feeders – Which one to buy?

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