Cats in a flat: Our 10 basic tips

1.  He feel protected at home

For the cat, housing is not a prison assuming that in it he finds everything he needs for his well-being. Here he will enjoy a long and happy life, protected from the dangers that lurk outside and cared for by a person who loves you and who provides everything you need. You can read more about cat care on Catorcat’s Reddit Profile.

2 Toys

No matter how beautiful and fun a toy is, there will come a time when it will get bored with it; therefore, let him play with only a few things. From time to time, save your toys and replace them with others, when the old ones reappear they will do the same illusion to you as if they were new.

3 Favorite Places

The cats have a fine instinct that tells them the places that suit them. Look carefully where the cat go to sleep and rest, to wash or to observe. You can be sure that energetic currents that are good for you go through these places.

4 Old Cat

When the cat reaches a certain age, it loses agility and it is more difficult for it to climb to its favorite place in a jump. Then you must provide a comfortable and easily accessible place. It is also important that you brush more often so that you do not swallow too much hair and avoid having intestinal occlusion.

5 Go out of Walk

In order for the cat to truly enjoy walking out on a leash, it is necessary for you to accept their needs and adapt to their rhythm. The cat does not shoot out into the street like a dog, but likes to move with caution, investigate its environment, take a brief run, sniff it all and jump a little.

6 In search of food

From time to time, send your feline “hunting”. Naturally it will not go for mice, but in search of feed. Hide small amounts of dry feed in different parts of the house. The animal will have fun while keeping fit.

7 Massage for cats

If the cat is nervous or excited, for example because of a change in the house, tranquilize it with a massage. Massage the body with the tips of the middle and index fingers describing semicircular movements while exerting a gentle pressure on it; By doing it gently, the cat will relax.

8 Companion

It is not always easy to find a new cat for an adult cat, but they are ideal companions for the elderly, as they are clean, easy to care for, do not require as much attention as a kitten and are faithful until the end of their days.

9 Territorial control

In order for your feline to feel totally happy, it is necessary that he can patrol his territory several times a day. That is why it is important that you do not find closed doors that prevent you from crossing them because you would scratch and beat them without mercy meowing with all your strength; therefore, leave the doors open.

10 Observation post

The cat loves to have a high place from which he can comfortably observe his surroundings. If, during the day, you spend many hours alone, place objects that have movement and that stimulate your senses, such as an indoor fountain or a mobile hanging from the ceiling.


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Cats in a flat: Our 10 basic tips

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