How To Calm Your Anxious Pet Down At The Vet’s Office

A visit to the vet can be a traumatic experience for your pet. There’s quite a bit of anxiety and fear in an animal when they are headed to the veterinarian’s office and any steps you can take to calming the anxiety will make the task much easier for both of you.

You can explain to your children that a trip to the doctor or dentist shouldn’t be scary but animals don’t talk and they certainly can’t understand when you try to tell them there’s nothing to worry about. With this in mind, there are certain things you can do instead to help your pet understand that the vet is not something to fear. Especially at Wellesley Animal Hospital veterinarian Henrico VA!

We understand the anxiety pets can feel and we’re offering these useful tips for helping to calm your furry friend down when it’s time to come to see us.

The Car Ride

Unless your dog rides in the car with you on a regular basis, your pet will immediately associate it as an express trip to the vet. Cats are not all that keen on riding in the car either and that can start with being scooped up and placed in a kitty carrier.

The best way to reduce the anxiety with both of these things is to let them ride with you more often, to places that aren’t the veterinarian’s office.

Herbal Remedies

There are quite a few over the counter options that you can try, many of which are available at pet stores and even Amazon. Some may work more effectively with your pets than other remedy options so it might require you to try a few different choices to find the option that works best.

How you administer these remedies is up to you as there are sprays and collars that are available on the market. One might be more effective than the other for your pet’s comfort. But be sure to ask your veterinarian if you can use one of these remedies prior to your appointment, some procedures restrict the use of these remedies.

Routine Visits

One of the best ways to ensure that your pet isn’t fearful of visiting the vet’s office is to show up there on a routine basis. You could even let the veterinarian staff know that you’re on the way and have them be ready to welcome your pet with a familiar greeting.

It helps to disassociate the vet’s office from mystery or discomfort. Some of the time, vets have to perform routine procedures that pets find uncomfortable. But if you show up at the office and all that happens is your pet gets love and attention, perhaps even a treat, going there will be less frightening on the day’s when you have to make an appointment for something important.


When in doubt, bring treats. Not just the store-bought pet aisle stuff either, we’re talking about the items that your pet may not get very often around the house. Whether this is some kind of people food that they really enjoy or the gourmet pet treats that you may not afford to buy all the time, giving your pet a special treat when they go to the vet can reinforce the idea that the vet shouldn’t be all that bad.

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How To Calm Your Anxious Pet Down At The Vet’s Office

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