How to find the best Pooch Daycare

A dog must interact and socialize with humans and other dogs as it is vital for the pet’s growth.  Dog daycare is the best place where your dog will socialize, exercise and learn important tactics. While a dog daycare is a facility that can offer your dog with numerous benefits, it is essential that you choose a boarding facility that works best for your furry friend and suits you and your pet’s needs. Here are some of the critical things to consider when choosing a daycare.

Visit the boarding facility

Once you visit the facility, the daycare will be accommodating and ready to show the place to know where your pet will be staying while you are on vacation. This will help you see the state of the facility that your dog will be living in. if the boarding facility does not allow you to see where the dog will spend time while you are away, this will clearly show that it’s not a good place. However, make sure you are cautious enough to look at other areas. Other important features you need to look out for are the live streaming cameras that will allow you to see your dog on the internet. Having the ability to check on your dog anytime you want gives you the peace of mind knowing that your best friend is doing ok.

Ensure all dogs are screened

Pets must be screened to two critical reasons, which is temperament and vaccines. Since the boarding facility will allow the dogs to play and stay together for the better part of the day, it is important for them to screen every animal that is brought there. Screening means that the daycare should offer a fee day to evaluate how the pet reacts while it’s with others. While this might look like a hassle for the majority, don’t get annoyed if the facility management request to screen your dog. A good daycare facility must screen your dog to make sure that it can be in a group situation together without facing hostility and aggression from other dogs. Additionally, the facility must screen the do to update the vaccines and for this reason, be ready to present these details and consider it a red flag if the facility fails to ask for them.

Services offered and pricing

Based on what you want to achieve from the boarding facility, you will need to find out what other services they offer. If your furry buddy needs medical attention during the day, ensure that your prospective facility has skilled personnel who are ready and competent to administer the medication required professionally. This is also important if the dog requires special services such as additional walks, trimming of the nails or one on one with the dog trainer. Another important service you need to inquire about is if they extend the hours to pick up or drop off your dog. Make sure you find out what they will do if you fail to pick up your do on time and if they charge for the extra hours you do will stay there. In most cases, your dog will be boarded for the night if you fail to pick it on time and you will be accountable for the charges. Healthy hound playground has professionals who offer dog training, and this will ensure that your dog is polished up with tricks and obedience.

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How to find the best Pooch Daycare

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