Low-Maintenance Pet Ideas

Low-Maintenance Pet Ideas

Have your children been begging you for a pet? Or do you desperately want a pet but know you can’t necessarily pay enough attention to anything besides yourself right now? There are plenty of pet options available so you can have the experience of owning a pet without too much stress.


Fish are often the go-to for a first pet due to the mainly low-maintenance care they require. For the most part, care includes making sure they have the right tank, clean water, and food, all of which are totally doable! Head over to your local aquarium store Denver for some tips, techniques, and ideas on how to make this dream a reality.


If you’re more interested in a pet you can actually touch and cuddle, but still don’t want to deal with litter boxes or taking your pet on a walk, a hamster could be a great option. Hamsters require a good cage, food, and cleaning the cage every so often. Just make sure you don’t lose your hamster while you’re playing with it!


A rabbit is a wonderful choice for someone who is intrigued by soft pets but wants something bigger than a hamster. Rabbits are cuddly and soft and can be excellent companions. Your rabbit will require a bit more care than fish or hamsters, though, as they’ll need a larger cage or hutch and the opportunity to roam around some.

Hermit Crabs

Often found at beach stores, hermit crabs can make a fun little pet. Although these small crabs need the opportunity to walk around, they’re so little it’ll be easy to keep them contained to just one room. Make sure your hermit crab has extra shells and water, and they’ll be sure to be easy companions.

If you want a pet, but don’t have the time or willingness to commit to something that needs to be taken on walks, consider a fish, hamster, rabbit, or hermit crab.

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