4 Important Things To Do Before a Long Vacation

4 Important Things To Do Before a Long Vacation

When the time finally comes to take that long-awaited vacation, you’ll want every detail to be perfect. While you’re diligently planning flight schedules, hotel reservations and excursions, don’t forget to plan equally important tasks at home. If you’re headed off for a week or more, here are four important things to do before you fly off into the sunset.

Have Your Mail Held

Before you leave, you need to decide what to do with your mail. Instead of letting it pile up and raise eyebrows, go to your post office and fill out a hold mail form. They’ll keep it for you until your return date. Likewise, if you’re expecting any packages, have a friend keep an eye out for them.

Make Arrangements for the Dog

Before your departure date, look into arrangements for your dog. If you don’t have someone to care for your pet, the best option is to take them to their own doggie hotel like Denver dog boarding. When a pet is boarded, they’re cared for and exercised each day. Pet owners prefer this option instead of putting the responsibility on family members.

Contact Your Banks

Another thing to remember is to contact your bank and credit card companies. Many people surprisingly forget this until they try to make their first purchase and get denied. Calling your bank, or going online to set a travel alert, only takes minutes and saves a lot of hassle.

Take Security Measures

When you’re gone for an extended time, it’s always wise to take security measures such as good locks and light timers. In addition, ask someone you trust to stop in every couple of days. Having a car parked in your driveway makes it look busy and deters would-be burglars.

Ensure a Worry-Free Trip

As your next well-deserved vacation approaches, you’ll definitely be ready. Make sure your plans go off without a hitch while you’re away. Just a few extra steps will save you a lot of headaches.