4 Things You Need if You Own a Horse

4 Things You Need if You Own a Horse

Everyone dreams of owning a horse, but many people forget the basics. Not only do you need things to care for your horse, but you also need specialized equipment for exercising and riding your horse. While there are many items out there to help care for your new horse, there are several basic items that every new horse owner should have on hand.

Lead Rope

Every horse handler knows the importance of a good lead rope. This rope is tied to a horse’s harness and allows you to walk your horse around using that rope instead of getting into the saddle. A lead rope should be relatively thick, but not too think that it is hard to tie. A lead rope needs to be long enough that you can tie it to a pole if you need to keep the horse in one place for a time.

Proper Attire

Proper attire refers to the clothes you wear. Make sure you wear riding clothes instead of work or relaxation clothes. Riding clothes usually refer to the clothes you use while riding English style, but can be broader to include any clothes you wear while riding. Just be sure to wear clothes that can get dirty and smelly. A hat and boots are also part of proper attire as both are necessary when riding. A hat allows you to see when the sun is high and bright, while the boots will give you a better grip in your stirrups.

Hay and Treats

The importance of proper hay or treats is crucial. If you have a stubborn horse, you may need to offer some treats in order to get him or her moving. By using treats, you can get your horse where you want him or her without using physical methods. Treats are also a great way for you to bond with your horse. By giving him or her treats, you are showing your horse that you bring good things.

Saddle Equipment

If you intend to ride your horse, it goes without saying that you will need a saddle and the equipment that goes with it. Make sure you also get a rack to store your saddle and saddle blankets on when you are not using them. This rack does not have to be large or heavy, but it needs to be strong as saddles can weigh a lot.

Owning a horse is a wonderful experience and can be very rewarding for both the horse and the owner.