A Healthy Treat for Your Feline Friend

A Healthy Treat for Your Feline Friend

Let’s make it clear that we don’t own pets, rather we adopt them. It is just like childless couples or people with big heart adopting a child. That means, your pet deserves the same love, pampering and care that you shower upon your own biological child. Cats, as pets, make lovely companions. They are cute, compassionate funny and always carry an aura of dignity around them.

Having said all these words of praise about them, let us come to the brass talk – they need the right type of cat food to stay healthy and active. And as a Guardian Angel of your cat, you should make sure that your feline friend gets healthy diet as long as it lives.

Types of Cat Foods

Foods for cat are basically of two types – Homemade and Commercial. Which one of these makes a healthy treat for your cat? Homemade feline foods are usually made of raw or cooked meat. Pureed vegetables or sometimes, ground bones are also given to the cats. On the other hand, commercial feline foods contain plant and animal materials. The right kind of minerals, vitamins and other necessary nutrients are supplied to cats in form of supplemented form. In a nutshell, the best effort should be made to keep your pet on a proper and balanced diet.

You should also buy multivitamin supplements for your cat. These supplements contain necessary ingredients to keep your pet healthy. Frozen meals or raw diets are easily available in the super market. These commercial meals and supplements complete and complement the homemade food to ensure balanced dietary requirements for your pet.

Food for cat is also categorized as Dry Food and Wet Food. Due to convenience and cost-effectiveness, dry food is usually preferred to wet variations. Another advantage of using dry food is any left-cover can be reused later but that’s not possible with the wet types as if left for even a couple of hours, these lose taste and flavour.

Homemade or Commercial

A perfect combination of homemade and commercial foods supplies the body-building and body-maintaining ingredients to your pet. Unfortunately, pet lovers and adopters are switching towards commercial foods. The most obvious reasons for such a shift in trend are convenience of availability and lack of time to prepare cat treats. Another reason of rising popularity of commercial foods is they come cheap on pocket.

Final Words

Choosing the right foods matters a lot to keep your feline companion strong, healthy and happy. So, pay a little more attention to your cat’s daily diet. If necessary, consult with a veterinary doctor for advice.