Back to Basics: How to Help Your Dog Achieve Balance

Having a dog (or dogs) in the house is a great thing. Dogs are very caring, can help you secure the house, and are fantastic companions in different situations. Unfortunately, dogs can also be the source of problems, especially when they start developing bad habits.

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What most owners don’t realize is that their dogs’ bad habits are caused by an imbalanced life. Despite their caring and playful nature, dogs are still pack animals. They need structure in life to be truly happy and balanced. Here are some of the things you can do to help your dog achieve that balance.

Controlling Affection

It is not uncommon for dog owners to overindulge their dogs; I’m guilty of showing too much affection towards my dogs too. I mean, they are cute and adorable; you just want to cuddle them and play with them all day. That said, too much affection can lead to some behavior issues, especially with certain breeds of dogs.

Separation anxiety in dogs usually arises from this type of treatment. The more attached your dog is to you, the bigger their chances of developing separation anxiety. The next time you need to go to work, you might see your dog showing signs of anxiety. When left untreated, minor symptoms can quickly turn into bigger problems in no time.

Introduce structure into the way you show affection to avoid this from happening. When returning home from work, for example, don’t interact with your over-excited dogs directly. The same can be said for when feeding them or playing with them. Make sure the dogs are calm and focusing their attention on you before putting down food or inviting them to play.

Plenty of Exercise

There are reasons why taking your dog for a walk is a good thing. For starters, dogs need exercise to release some of the energy they store. Most of the issues you can face with a dog – such as hyperactivity and bad behavior – are caused by lack of exercise. The more energy your dog builds up, the less balanced their lives become.

Regularly timed exercise is another great way to introduce structure. A 30-minute walk in the morning and another in the afternoon or in the evening will make sure your dog is releasing any stored energy healthily. You’ll be surprised by how much happier dogs are when they exercise regularly.


Just like us, dogs need to relax too. Find a balance between playing games and simply sitting in front of the TV and giving your dog a rub. Short, immensely relaxing activities such as giving the dog a back rub or a massage is great for two things: building a stronger bond and allowing your dog to relax at the end of the day.

You can also make sure that your dog gets enough sleep, but not too much that it starts to disrupt their natural sleeping pattern. As the title suggests, the goal here is to find balance. Follow these tips and you’ll be helping your dog achieve balance too.

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Back to Basics: How to Help Your Dog Achieve Balance

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