How to help your pet adjust to a new home

If you are looking to move to your new home with a pet, you should prepare for it. Moving can be stressful even without a pet. In order to avoid moving troubles and help your pet adjust to a new home, it’s recommendable to hire a professional moving company. Besides moving your pet, Kokusai Express Japan can help you relocate your home or an office. Whether you are moving locally in Japan, or you want to move there overseas, make sure to hire professional moving service.

Every little change of environment can be stressful for your little friend. If you have a dog or a cat, moving to a new home can be a big change for them. For your pet everything is new – taking a long journey, experiencing temperature changes and getting to know the new environment. Make sure to keep reading and find out how you can help your pet adjust to a new home.

Keep your pet’s daily routine steady

In order to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible, you should keep his daily routine steady. First of all, this means that you should pay attention to what your little friend eats. Having a balanced diet will help him stay healthy and cope better with the upcoming change. Secondly, you will want to take your pet for a walk (if it’s a dog) at the same time during the day. This will prevent him to get lethargic, depressed and keep him in good condition.

Make sure your pet is healthy for the move.

The most important thing you should do before moving to a new home with your pet is to visit a local vet. Even if your pet is perfectly healthy, there are some check-ups that you need to do. If you are moving long distance, this part of the moving procedure is necessary. Moreover, without additional health checkups, you won’t be able to get all the documents for exporting your dog from your country. Here’s a list of some of the common procedures you’ll need to pay attention to:

  • Vaccination papers. If your pet is not vaccinated against rabies or other diseases, you’ll need to check this with your vet. Make sure that all of his medical history paperwork is up to date.
  • Check all the information about your pet’s breed. For example, if you own a large dog breed, some procedures for transporting him to another country might be different. Ask your pet’s veterinarian how to prevent temperature changes during the moving process. Also, your vet can give you more useful advice on how to help your pet adjust to a new home.

Find a good pet moving service

The biggest change your pet will go through is the moving process. In order to avoid complications, you should hire a professional pet moving service. They will help with your pet’s transportation and make sure he’s safe. Everything from paperwork, transportation process and safety of your pet is their job to worry about. If you own a large dog breed or an exotic pet, hiring a pet moving service will be the right choice.

Are you moving locally or long distance?

There’s a big difference in the moving procedure for both moving situations. If you are moving across town, your pet will probably not have troubles adjusting to a new home. However, if you are moving overseas, the moving process might get complicated for your little friend. Make sure to find out all about the climate in the town you are moving to. In case your pet has health issues, ask your vet how to minimize the complications after the move.

Look for a good neighborhood in your new hometown

A good new neighborhood is what your pet will be happy about. If you have the chance of choosing the neighborhood you’ll live in, make sure it’s pet-friendly. The last thing you’d want is for your dog to be on a leash every day because you don’t have a green area around your apartment. Make sure to choose the neighborhood that has lots of facilities for pets like food stores and vet clinics.

Help your pet adjust to a new home

Let your pet adjust to the new environment

After you move to your new home, make sure your pet chooses his comfort zone. If you own a dog or a cat, you shouldn’t insist on a perfect spot for your pet to rest. Of course, you can always set boundaries for the forbidden corners of your home. However, your little friend should feel like he’s safe in a new environment and choose the perfect place to sleep. After some time passes, he will get to know the place and won’t be terrified of the new environment.

Don’t be too strict with the training

If you are talking your dog for a walk, make sure to lead him to a safe zone. This means that you should choose a spacious green area near your home where your dog can let himself go. If he can run with all his energy without worrying about strange people and other dogs, it will be easier for him to adapt.

When it comes to training in your new home, make sure not to leave any forbidden objects near your pet. If you have to unpack your moving boxes, make sure that your dog is having some toys of his own to keep him occupied. Make sure not to be too strict with your pet’s behavior for the first few days in a new home.

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How to help your pet adjust to a new home

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