Three Reasons to Get a Pet Door

If you own a pet, such as a dog or cat, that needs to be let in and out of the house multiple times per day, and you have a fenced-in front or backyard, there are numerous advantages to installing a pet door. Most homeowners who decide to go through with pet door installation Portland OR find that it increases both their quality of life and that of their pet.

Pet Doors Improve Pets’ Health

If you normally leave your pet alone during the day in order to go to work or attend school, he or she may hay have to hold his or her bladder for several hours in a row, which can lead to urinary tract infections as well as discomfort. Without a pet door, the only way to avoid this situation is to make a trip home in the middle of the day or have someone stop by your house to let your pet out, which can be inconvenient. A pet door will allow your furry friend to relieve him or herself outdoors without human assistance.

They May Prevent Damage to Your Home

Puppies and older dogs are especially prone to accidents, and they often have trouble communicating their need to be let out. Not only can pets soil rugs and carpets, but they may also damage doors by scratching at them. A pet door will allow your animal to take care of business independently, cutting down on stains and scratches.

They Are Secure

If you are worried about the potential security concerns posed by a pet door, rest assured that you have many options to ensure the security of your home when you install a door. There are electronic doors on the market, which only open when your pet approaches wearing a specific key, as well as secure covers which will be sure to keep any possible intruders at bay.

Why wait to install a pet door? Don’t hesitate to get a quote: both you and your pet will enjoy all of the benefits that a door can provide.