If you have pets at home you will understand that it is not easy to be around them all the time and it is of utmost importance that you care for their well being at all times. Negligence or not able to give sufficient time to the pet may result in many untoward incidents which may harm your pet or others or your surroundings.Pets do need love care, food shelter and protection as they are domesticated animals and they cannot be left all by themselves for longer periods of time. Pets do know how to find their way back if lost but the pain and hardship endured by the pet and owner in the process is emotional draining for both of them. This is where pet trackers come into picture.

Why tracking devices are needed

There are times when you have to be away for work and you want to keep track of your pet on real time all this possible due the tracking devices now available in the market to suit all kinds of your needs.

Uses of tracking devices

If pets are lost they can easily be tracked and found, if they are in danger, the tracking device can send alert signals to the owner. These pet trackers are either attached to e collar of the pet or surgically attached to the pet. Pet owners see the GPS feature a new way in getting your pets the best technological move.i

Things to be kept in mind

While buying tracking devices for pets it is advisable to see the following

Whether it is waterproof

It has a good battery life

The tracker must allow the pet owner to set safe zones for his pet.

The range of the tracker should be more than your backyard. More the range will help if the pet gets lost.

Types of tracking devices

The GPS tracking devices which can attached to the pet’s collar and you can monitor them real time with special apps for the purpose. These help the owner to know whether pets have crossed the safe zones and may be in danger. It also helps them to get there faster as they now have directions to go with the help of the GPS tracker in place. It also tells the pet owner when the batteries have to be charged.

There are tracking devices which detect the motion or movements of your pets you can watch this wireless on your smart phone. This can also be attached to the pets collar. The activity of the pet is directly synchronised to your phone so you will have the knowhow of your pet 24/7.

There is also a device called pet remote which causes the vibrations in the collar of the pet and he will listen to your commands.

Choosing a pet tracker

Going by the brand name won’t suffice whether the tracker is suitable for your pet and it is comfortable with is important and the pet owner has to decide upon it as well the cost effectiveness. The ones with antennas are cumbersome and usually avoided by many. Try to get ones that are easy for you to operate and understand. Highly complicated ones which you cannot decipher the use of the apps so such mess can be avoided. The weight of the device and its workability in all weather conditions, the outer frame durability, the lasting of the battery. Whether the pet may experience electric shock, or the device may get overheated, all this should be borne in mind before purchasing a tracking device.



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