What Products Will You Need for Your New Cat?

Bringing a new cat into your home is a great way for you and your other family members to learn how to care for a truly dependent animal. While cats are famed for their independence, they really do depend on you for food, shelter and grooming. Besides the most obvious needs, such as food and litter, your new cat or kitten will require several other products almost immediately to make his or her time in your home one of mutual pleasure and enjoyment. Consider purchasing each of these products before you bring home your new cat.

A Cat Carrier

Before you leave the store or adoption agency, you will need to have a way to transport your new pet. While some agencies provide appropriate cardboard carriers, you may wish to invest in an appropriately sized metal and plastic carrier. This will allow you to transport your cat safely for many years.


Your best option will be to choose the food and treats that your cat has already been used to eating. This will help him be more comfortable and will eliminate the possibility of digestive issues when he arrives at your home. Keep in mind that the food you choose should match the age and specific needs of your cat. Remember that you will also need appropriately sized food and water bowls, preferably made from metal or ceramic rather than plastic.

Grooming Products

Grooming time is a great time for you to keep your cat clean and comfortable while also bonding with him. You should plan to brush him regularly with a brush designed for his specific length of fur. You will also need to trim his nails regularly and may want to consider purchasing a cat-friendly shampoo for occasional baths.


Toys are particularly important for younger cats that need something to chase to get rid of their energy. Choose toys that help them use their tracking and hunting skills.

Litter Box and Litter

If your cat is young, you may want to purchase the same litter that he has been used to using to help you avoid unpleasant accidents in your home. If you need to choose your own brand, however, consider clumping litter, which is far easier to clean than non-clumping litter is. You may need to add pheromones to the litter box to get your new cat used to where he needs to go.

Scratching Posts

You may be able to wait a few days before buying a scratching post, but you will want to give your cat a safe place for him to use his claws. Without a scratching post, he may destroy your curtains, carpets or upholstery. Consider purchasing a scratching post with an included perch, and place it near a window.

Cats do not need a lot to keep them happy and healthy. In fact, they are known for being one of the more budget-friendly animals to house. These few products will help you keep your cat well-cared-for and will protect your home as well. You will discover that they are easy to find in numerous stores, or you can buy products for your cat online. Of course, ask your veterinarian for specific suggestions for food and litter, especially as your pet ages.

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What Products Will You Need for Your New Cat?

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