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All throughout the history many different myths have been told about cats. In middle ages, people believed that cats are actually witches, so they killed most of them, but karma worked so they got plague for their stupidity and animal cruelty. Since without cats, rats multiplied and spread sickness everywhere. In middle ages people also believed that earth was flat too…oh, wait a second, that myth made a comeback in year 2018; hopefully that will not happen with first myth that I mentioned. But are cats able to see color or do they see everything like a 1920.move? Is this myth the truth or not? Let’s find out!

            Are Cats Color Blind

The Myth about Cats Being Color Blind is Just That, a Myth

Since 20th century, people have believed that cats don’t have the ability to recognize colors. One of the first studies on this topic was released by Professor, F.M. Gregg.  from Nebraska Wesleyan University, and experiment was done in 1927. In this experiment, cats were given meals in multiple color codes. But professor noticed that cat’s weren’t showing any behavioral changes when he gave them meals in grey color. Of course, a lot of new researches were made in 100 years, that have proven that cats are not actually color blind.

Cats are Partially Color Blind

Cats are not exactly color blind, they can see colors although not as clearly as humans can. Feline’s vision is not good as ours during the day, and the reason for that is that they have fewer cones (photo receptor cells found in eyes that are responsible for one’s ability to see colors) then we do.  Humans have three cones-green, red and blue, while cats have only two-blue and green. This is a reason why cats can only see blue and green color and why professor F.M Gregg , made that mistake back in 20’s. Cats are not color blind it’s just that the range of colors that they see is very limited.


Cats Have Some Visual Abilities That Humans Don’t Have

Even though cats may not be able to see all colors we can, do not feel sorry for our furry friends just yet. They still have some awesome abilities that humans don’t possess.

1.       Cats Can See in the Dark

This is probably their biggest advantage and a reason why cats are such a great hunters. Even though we can see better than our pets during the day, night belongs to the cats. They need 1/6 of the amount of light humans need to see in the dark and this also why cats can see movement in dim light. Felines also have a structure behind the retina that improves night vision. This structure is called tapetum and it allows them to pick a smallest amount of light during the night and a reason why cat’s eyes glow in the dark.

2.       Wide Peripheral Vision

Humans have visual field of 180 degrees and our kitties on the other hand, have up to 200 degrees. This means that their peripheral vision is way better than ours. I think that all this advantages absolutely compensate for the fact that they cannot see all the colors.

Final Verdict

Cat’s vision is in many ways superior to ours. It’s just that cats don’t have the ability to see as wide range of colors as we can. They can actually only see blue and green. So next time you want to buy a new toy or litter box, pick one of those two colors instead of pink or yellow.

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Are Cats Color Blind? – Pet Guide

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